Lauren Davis, Psychotherapist

Pre-license Mental Health Clinician & Expressive Arts Therapist in Massachusetts

Lauren Davis, Psychotherapist

Lauren Davis, MA, EAT

Primary Modalities Used

Psychodynamic - Focuses largely on past/childhood experiences that influence present day concerns.
Feminist - explores the interplay of gender roles, power dynamics, and societal expectations.
Somatic - emphasizes the mind-body connection in processing trauma.
Expressive therapies

Relationship Therapy for Individual Adults

People in my practice are seeking relationship healing with themselves or others, often involving complex histories of toxic dynamics and/or emotional abuse. They frequently experience codependent behaviors, high emotional reactivity, low self esteem, relationship anxiety (ROCD), and poor boundaries.
I also specialize in helping those who have left high demand religions and/or are going through religious deconstruction.

About the practice

Beacon of Hope Counseling is a private somatic psychotherapy group practice based in Falmouth, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. All my sessions are billed under my supervisor, Helen Malinowski (LICSW). Our telehealth sessions occur on Therapy Notes, an all-in-one client portal.

Services (Telehealth)

  • Psychotherapy 60 min - $200

  • Intake Session 90 min - $250

  • Phone consultation 15 min - Free

Insurances Accepted

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Blue Cross
WellSense BMC HealthNet
Cigna and Evernorth
Commonwealth Care Alliance
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Group Insurance Commission

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